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Vion is a creative digital agency based in Addis Ababa. Vion agency intends to bring our vision to Ethiopia, by providing tailored and innovative solutions for every type of organization. Our top priority is for you to experience Real International Standard Service, strongly founded in our Work Ethic Values.


Vion is a derived word from Vision. For us, it is Our Vision to see what the present and future hold as opportunities in Ethiopia, especially in our industry. This view is at the heart of our founder Lucile Ap, she brings out her expertise in the field of Management, Human Ressources, Marketing, Digital Marketing working experience in France. After living for 20 years in France, three years ago she fell in love with Ethiopia and made her decision to come back. She is proud of her French and Ethiopian heritage and we think it is a strength that makes us one step ahead of our competition. Acknowledging the Western Culture and Ethiopian Culture, we want to bring the best out of these worlds developing adapted strategies for the Ethiopian business environment.

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Our Beliefs and Values

Work Ethic

What’s Work Ethic To Us ?

Work Ethic is our second most high value in our business, it lays out the foundation of a Good Partnership. It is not only a “Concept” that we throw here to look good but a real commitment. It is an attitude of dedication and determination to deliver the work in the terms agreed to.

  1. Transparency – We first start mapping out your needs / what you want from us and clearly mentioned in a contract. We keep you updated of the evolution of the project.
  2. Integrity and Honesty  РThe digital industry can seem mystical at first but make sure to inform you about the details of the services you pay for.
  3. Responsibility – We take full responsibility for what signed the contract for the services and including the deadlines. We will hold ourselves accountable for it.


  • A Weekly or Monthly Report delivered to the customer
  • Direct Personalized Messaging Platform with the Project Manager
  • Informational Guide of the services you paid for
  • Vionagency holds a practical course on Work Ethic with our team

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